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Permaculture Design Course over 6 weekends in Forres, Moray

April 16, 2016 @ 9:00 am - April 17, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

£450 – £800

Ludwig Appeltans from Earth Ways with several guest teachers will be teaching a Permaculture Design Course spread over 6 weekends.

Newbold House
Newbold House

The course will take place at the beautiful location of Newbold House in Forres, Moray, Scotland.

The dates are:
April 16-17 2016
May 7-8
May 28-29
June 25 -26
July 16-17
Aug 20-21 2016

Includes 90+ hours of tuition learning permaculture design from Ludwig Appeltans and several guest teachers, a certificate of completion from the Permaculture Association Britain. Includes delicious lunch provided by the Newbold chefs and garden. Optional Sat evening activities and homework support included.

Overnight B&B services, breakfast and dinner are available at Newbold (not included in the price)

The last weekend will be a Permaculture Festival with lots of workshops to choose from and an opportunity to launch yourself as Permaculture designers by presenting your new skills to the permaculture community.

The basic program is permaculture, permaculture design and nature connection. The long duration of the course gives us an opportunity to design some of the program together, depending on desires, needs, leeway within the fees and extra opportunities that arise locally.

The Sit Spot Routine
The Sit Spot Routine

We will certainly cover: permaculture ethics and principles, observation techniques, swales, water and wind management, map making, designing efficient money systems, LETS, composting, companion planting, sowing, designing a growing schedule, herbal organic pest, permaculture weed, pest and fungal control, wild food harvesting, woodland management skills, connecting and selling to a community, observation techniques, soil identification and remediation techniques, plant, tree, animal identification, apiary, tracking, bird language, mapping, site visits, …
During the course you will be divided up into small groups and prepare a practise permaculture design together. At the last weekend, you will be invited to present the design to the community in the hope that they will implement the design after the course.
Homework over the 6 months will be supported online.

There are possibilities to learn permaculture hands-on at our farm (optional and in between the course weekends) Keeping pigs, chickens, ducks, apiary, sheep; growing in a poly-tunnel, Jean Pain heating systems, home brew wine or beer, mushroom cultivation, home made herbal remedies, wild food harvesting, survival skills, woodland skills, hydroponics, aquaponics, nature connection mentoring, and much much more…

Tamworth Pigs
Tamworth Pigs

Prices are on a sliding scale according to financial means and income. £450 for people with very little money up to £800 for people who can afford it. If £450 is too much, Bursaries can be available or other ways to reach a fair exchange can be negotiated, Part Lets accepted.
We don’t need to see your taxreturn or bank account. We trust that you know how to be honest and fair.

Discount available for second member of a family or group.

More information will be available as the course preparation takes shape or feel free to ask questions. Contact details are here


It doesn’t become any more permaculture than this! Ludwig Appeltans has a unique way of combining in depth nature connection and awareness with permaculture design. These two months at Earth-Way Farm have been quite mind-changing and a wonderful way of thinking outside of the normal “box”. Ludwig has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and, glad to say, friend. Thank you.
Patrick Maginnis

If you want to experience permaculture and nature connection on a long term basis, so you can really make it your own, this is the place to be.

When I think back to what I knew before and compare it to now, the change is quite astounding. If you’d asked me 3 months ago to create a vegetable routine I would have laughed, but I’ve just created my first reasonably comprehensive one that I feel would have some good success in reality.
This course is a must for anyone who wishes to feel empowered to actually live in a way that is more authentic. Food is a big part of this, as is nature connection, after doing this course, one is able to design and produce food systems, beautiful connections with community, self and others, while keeping ‘nature’ mother earth as the highest priority. Of course it is an ongoing learning journey and for me it feels, the journey has just begun.


Rather than emerging myself into books and papers, I emerged myself into nature. You can learn so much through simply observing and being aware. I can recommend it to anybody that loves combining practical permaculture with background knowledge. Be prepared to be a different person afterwards.

The two months gave me space to absorb all the information through practise on the farm, reading in the library and sitting room and asking Ludwig and my fellow students loads of questions. I think it is great if you want to have a good experience of life in beautiful Scotland. Learn shitloads about permaculture and everything else. Get a sense of the challenges we have on this earth and have fun.
Sauly B

Excellent presentation by course participants. Longer, participative course def enhances the learning opportunities
Ian Findley @crossgreenman Permaculture designer and inventor of the whirligrow

Beyond my expectations. As well as the factual knowledge, my soul feels like it’s been touched deeply.

Jonny Harris

I really feel a deeper connection to myself and nature as well as a much better understanding of permaculture and the mindset of permaculture.

Jayson Byles

Inspiring, enriching, informative and fun. It gave me the tools and inspiration to practise permaculture in daily life.

D.P. Forres

The course is wholesome and well balanced. All topics are inspiring and lead not only to healing of mother nature but also to healing of all people involved. Thank you much for your love and dedication.

Love and Light Christine

It took permaculture into fullness, affecting me on emotional level deeply.


Ludwig: Great inspiration and wealth of teachings.

It’s way more than a Design course. It’s an opportunity to fly with Buzzards view to see yourself part of the whole to be nourished, challenged and connected on many levels.


I thoroughly enjoyed such a holistic course, the passion and knowledge is astounding and the close-knit community we created in such a short time makes this course stand out, and was an experience I will never forget.(14 day course)

Stephanie Ayres

The course, delivered in the awe inspiring beautiful location, really helped you get a hands on feel for the content being taught.
Ludwig; a man of few words. Each considered and thoughtful; our group was a mixed one, with people from all walks. But each of us felt comfortable due in no small part to the understanding & empathetic nature of this man; A well rounded course in all, that will provide inspiration for years after…
Going on from this course; & after some reflection and observation, I have now decided to become a permaculture teacher. Take the plunge you won’t regret it.


A great course with inspiring tutors. You cannot complete this course and not go away and change the way you live, at least in some small way. Inspiring and thought provoking.


Everything on the earth should do this course. Everything it teaches is so important in ensuring we build a respectful and resilient world. I can’t wait to learn more and spread the word!


More testimonials can be found here:


– Why would I choose this course over other PDC’s?

If you’re curious why I am so confident that this course is so wonderful, please read on:

  • Teaching quality is unusually high with unusual yet effective teaching methods. Ludwig and the guest teachers teach from their strengths, lifting the level of the course higher, with more personal assistance. Please check out the biography of the teachers to see what excellence we have to share with you. (coming soon)
  • Perfect location; our venue is the beautiful Newbold House surrounded by the beautiful Scottish wildlife, which gives us excellent nature observation opportunities.
  • The course will be taught on the premises of a beautiful garden, which gives you an -on site- example and a chance to practice the permaculture principles you’ll learn.
  • A variety of choice to make your practice design with a wide variety of expertise available from the teachers.
  • Most Permaculture Design courses offer only the 72 hours tuition required for the certificate. We also offer many more optional learning opportunities, making the course a holistic wonderful learning experience.

– How do I book?
Send an email to info@earth-ways.co.uk or call Ludwig 0044 (0) 7760142495 to request a booking form. He is always happy to answer questions or to discuss options. If money is an issue, we will do what we can to find solutions.

– How does the deposit and refund procedure work?

£200 part returnable deposit is required from all participants to reserve your place.
£100 is non-refundable.
£100 is refunded if cancelled before March 1st.
After March 1th, £100 will be refunded if we manage to fill your space. (always worked so far)
After March 25, no refund of the deposit will be issued.
If for any reason we need to cancel the course, the deposit will be returned in full.

Full payment needs to be made before March 10th.

We will only consider you booked when the deposit is paid. If the full course fee is not paid by March 10th we reserve the right to give your space to someone else. We can’t risk financial difficulties due to people dropping out at short notice.
If you have financial difficulties, we will do what we can to help.

– How does the sliding scale price work?
The cheapest price of £450 is for students, job seekers or those who do not earn enough to pay taxes. People who earn more pay more; for those at the highest end the price rises to £800. This is also the cost for organisations or those who really can afford to help sponsor others.

– What do I need to do to ask for a bursary?
The people who pay higher prices will help pay for bursaries to enable people to take part who otherwise cannot afford it. Putting the permaculture ethic of fair shares in action straight away. The amount of bursaries depends on the number of people who pay more than the lowest price in the sliding scale.
If you have any questions or would like to apply for a bursary, please email: info@earth-ways.co.uk

At the last course we gave bursaries to a total of £1000. Bursaries are handled with complete confidentiality. We see no reason not to apply. We will go out of our way to make it possible for you to pay what you can afford.


If you’re unable to pay the full fees our first suggestion is that you look for funding. Below is a list of organisations which have given funding to people on PDC courses in the past.

Princes Trust


0800 842 842

Gives grants for training to young people up to 25 years. Although these are normally limited to £500.

Princes Countryside Trust


Gives grants to projects that help support the people who care for the countryside, including grants for training.



0845 850 1122

Provides funding for “people with vision, drive, commitment and passion who want to change the world for the better.” This is interpreted quite widely.

Thomas Wall Trust


Funds courses for individuals who have financial difficulties.

The Vegeterian Charity


Gives grants to people under 25, which have included grants for permaculture courses.

Grants for Horticulturalists


Information on grants and bursaries available from organisations in the United Kingdom for horticultural projects, exchanges and travel.

BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)


01302 572244

From time to time either the national organisation or regional and local branches give grants for training.

Cooperative Community Fund


Listing Websites

Comprehensive lists of funders can be found at these sites:



Job Centre Plus

If you’re unemployed and claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance it’s worth asking at your Job Centre whether they can fund you. The Permaculture Association (Britain) is registered as a supplier on ProcServe, which is used by the Department for Work and Pensions, ie Job Centres, to buy things. Our courses are certified by the Permaculture Association, so if there is any funding for courses available it should be possible to access it. In Wales you should contact ReAct.

We have our own crowdfunding platform where you could crowdfund your fees. As an example, you could sell a design for a friends garden that you promise to make after you completed the course at 50% discount.



April 16, 2016 @ 9:00 am
April 17, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
£450 – £800
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Newbold House
111 St Leonards Road
Forres, Scotland IV36 2RE United Kingdom
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