A wonderful two month hands-on Permaculture Design Course. Next dates: Oct – Nov 2014

Earth Ways is open to receive a small number of students to live, study and work on our permaculture farm.  For prices on a sliding scale between £900 –  2200, you will receive:  A warm bed in a shared and friendly home environment, which includes a shared kitchen, a bed in a shared room (same gender or for you both if you are a couple), shared living room, internet access, heating and housing expenses, access to the extensive library, 72+ hours or tuition learning permaculture design from Ludwig Appeltans and guest teachers, a certificate of completion of the PDC from the Permaculture Association Britain, 35 hours a week hands-on learning (working on the farm). It includes food that is produced on the farm and local wild food (extra food will need to bought).

Planting and sowing
Companion Planting and sowing

Possible learning activities: Keeping pigs, chickens, ducks; composting; growing in a poly-tunnel, sowing, permaculture design, home brew, mushroom cultivation, home made herbal organic pest, weed and fungal control, apiary, wild food harvesting, survival skills, woodland skills, designing a healthy diet, nature connection mentoring, plant, tree, track, animal identification, and much much more.

Learning to work with Permaculture pigs

The farm is located in an unusually beautiful part of Scotland, a SSSI! Close to the bay of Findhorn and a large pine forest on the shores of the Moray firth. The biodiversity ranges from Otters, Deer, Badgers, Ospreys, dozens of water birds and many more various rare and endangered species of wild life.

Preferably we are looking for 2 – 4 people willing to take the course together at the same time to make it viable. Timing can be arranged together.

To apply and ask questions contact Ludwig.

These are some of the things you can learn at the course:
More pictures here:

Many hands make light work
Keyhole beds: Many hands make light work
Checking the micro climate in a key hole bed
Checking the micro climate in a key hole bed
Planting Strawberry plants
Making a Strawberry wall
Indian Runner Duckling slugwarriors in training
Learn how to train Indian Runner Duckling slugwarriors
Nature Connection
Connect with nature in an unusual way
massive brassicas
Learn how to grow healthy vegetables
Indian Runner ducky
Connect with animals


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