Earth Ways’ Permaculture Farm Still Needs Some Help

We have a wonderful 2 years on our farm. Over the next few weeks we will update and tell the stories. Thanks for looking.


In the mean time, there are loads of pictures here:
This info below is now outdated and being edited (18-01-15):


Earth Ways is happy to have start a new small permaculture farm, led by Ludwig Appeltans on a 3 acre field near Forres in Scotland.

The permaculture field before Earth Ways arrived.
The permaculture field before Earth Ways arrived.

This field had barley grown on during the last year of production. It looks like it had been used for agriculture for a really long time. We have found some really interesting things on it. Lots of small parts of metal from old machines, sherds of pottery and some charred pieces of timber. But most importantly we found the soil degraded. A total absence of nutrients, organic matter


The first steps have already been taken. Five Tamworth sows will be arriving soon to help make the soil ready for organic and sustainable food production.

Our goal is to provide up to 50 people (or 20 families) in the area with all the food they need—vegetables, eggs, and meat—all produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Tamworth sow and piglets
Tamworth sow and piglets

Earth Ways is dedicated to improving the land through our farming methods and to promoting the health of our customers. Permaculture is the farming practice of a sustainable future. We work with nature rather than against it to grow wholesome, nutrient-dense food that is difficult to find in the supermarkets. Our food will be produced using very little machinery and fossil fuels, without man-made fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. In addition, the project will restore the soil, encourage wildlife and contribute to re-capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

More information on permaculture can be found here:

You have a chance to be part of the change.
We are looking for investors to help this project reach its full potential. We have already raised £3000 but we need your support to take it further.

The following investments are needed:

  1. Deer and badger fencing: £4000
  2. A polytunnel: £2000
  3. Set-up and first year running costs (animal food, seeds, plants and soil improvement): £4000 (does not include wages)

Fresh produce

We’re offering the following opportunities to investors and locals:

  1. Loan certificates for £500 each: These retain their value and can be swapped back for £ Sterling or equivalent value in food. As an added bonus, as long as these are retained you will have VIP access to buy food from Earth Ways. In this way you can provide food security for one person. (8 out of 16 loan certificates remaining)
  2. Vouchers that cost £8 each, but will be worth £10 in food: Essentially this lets you buy your food for next season now, with a 20% discount. (115 out of 250 vouchers remaining)
  3. Loan certificates for £10 each (80 out of 100 loan certificates remaining)

You can purchase loans or food vouchers via PayPal below. To add more than one: select the Small or Large loan or the food voucher, click “Buy Now”, and then change the number in the ‘Quantity’ box in the PayPal cart and click ‘Update’ before proceeding to checkout. We greatly appreciate your help!

We’re looking forward to the opportunity of supplying you, your family and neighbours with nourishing food for years to come!

For more information, please contact Ludwig Appeltans at 0044 7760 142 495 or


Small print

If you give Earth Ways a loan:

– Please take note that you are welcome to the money back at any time. I commit to do my best to do so as quick as possible. Please give Earth Ways some time to gather the money to pay you back. I will make the loan vouchers available again for other people and might have to wait until someone takes the option.
-I will gradually start repaying the loans as money starts coming in. I do not like debt.
-I take personal responsibility to pay the loans back. Earth Ways’ debt is my debt.
-You are welcome to buy food with these vouchers. Please be flexible with me in accepting that I need to have cash coming in as well to pay for the running costs of the farm.
-If you bought a £500 voucher, you will have VIP access to the food for one adult size stomach. This means you will have first choice to buy the food before other people in effect securing your food supply. I will do my best to produce enough and a wide variety.
-The loans are not transferable to other people.
-I will keep track of the loans, so if you loose the vouchers, don’t worry, I have it covered.

If you buy food vouchers:

-You are welcome to pass them on to other people.
-Please don’t lose the vouchers. I am not keeping track of them.
-Please be patient for the first food to materialise. Hopefully soon!
-Please be flexible in accepting that I do also need some money to come in to keep the farm running smoothly. I can’t exchange all the vouchers at once. This will get easier as the growing season progresses.

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