Project Organisers – We want to hear from you!

We need someone with project management skills to take on one or both projects and commit to take them to the end. You don’t have to be very experienced in the skills needed, but you must have the ability to lead the organisation of the project. There will be people to help with the work and there will be support from us and our network.

We are looking to finish both of these by March 2020.

We’d love to receive a quote from you to learn what you’d expect in return. For your skills, time and energy, we can offer courses or membership to the community. Food and accommodation can be provided and we can also discuss monetary reimbursement. 

Project 1: The Showerblocks.

We have two showerblocks that will need to be supervised. The structure for one showerblock is now finished at our campsite while the other will need to be knocked down and rebuilt. Building our showerblocks involves: liaising with official departments and engineers, design work, carpentry, electrics, plumbing and more. 

Project 2: The Track

Our track has to be widened and tarmacked in some places, which includes preparation and digging. A water pipe needs to be added. Legal requirements and quality standards have to be met. The design is ready.