Introducing Earth Ways’ Longest Working Volunteer: Garry Clarke

Garry Clarke
Garry Clarke
My background is in the horticulture industry, I studied in both Dundee & Cupar, Scotland. I went on to work for a conservation team with Angus council, the N.T.S as an estate gardener at The House of Dun, many landscape gardeners, garden centers(one of which I co-managed), a plant nursery and with a lawn-care specialist business called Green-thumb in Inverkeilor.

As a student I won a garden design competition up against around thirty other students, and was fortunate enough to direct the construction of my garden at Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh in 2009. My design was based on exotic plants that can grow in the Scottish climate & promote wildlife.

I also was fortunate to win the ‘Hugh Ingram bursary award’ at Dundee botanic garden also in 2009, which required me to study & work there for nine weeks.

I am now on a journey on the most inspiring form of gardening that I have yet to come across, Permaculture! My mind is now set on continuing to practically learn and study it and to eventually set up my own Permaculture garden where I can teach others.
I am studying under a fantastic teacher in Ludwig Appeltans, who is passing on a long line of knowledge that I too hope to pass on to those that seek it.

My hobbies include Surfing, cycling, hiking, travel, music and nature.

Review of Earth Ways’ Permaculture Project
I have been at Penninghame estate since February 2012 on the Perma-culture project run by Ludwig Appeltans, it has been a life-changing experience, now this phrase is much over-used, but for me there is no other way of describing it. It has completely changed how I look at Gardening, in a way that cares for the earth, the very soil we so often neglect and disregard. My time here has fundamentally changed how I view our role on the planet, and enlightened me to the lessons in which nature itself can teach us.

It is a friendly, supporting atmosphere here and one focused on healthy-living, which is based on a macro-biotic diet. I feel the knowledge I gain here will benefit the rest of my life and I am privileged to have been giving the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. I am sure many others before and after I will have a similar experience.

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