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Christopher and Sheila Cooke and Ludwig Appeltans wrote an article that featured in the Permaculture Magazine Issue 75.

Message in a Bottle

Humanity is going through a momentous leap in consciousness. The early stages of the leap allowed a few seed minds to give birth to permaculture in 1974, during the heyday of industrial agriculture. Permaculture has been quietly developing at its own pace ever since, like a message in a bottle, waiting for consciousness to awaken on the planet.

Permaculture Course 4 April- 23 MayIt is time for all of humanity to read the message in the bottle: permaculture can feed our hungry planet in a way that does not poison the land and water, reduce biodiversity or remove topsoil. If this is true, why has it taken so long for permaculture to become widely practised?

The answer to this question can be found in the patterns of human emergence. By understanding how consciousness unfolds, we can trace the development of permaculture and even predict what will come next naturally as we endeavour to design a viable nutritional ecosystem that is beneficial for all life.

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