Upcoming Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Design, Deep Nature Connection and Natural Health Course

This holistic approach towards permaculture is a completely new combination. It reflects the pioneering permaculture vision that Earth Ways has developed over the years.

Permaculture Is...This course is organised by Earth Ways with a very strong team of expert teachers: Ludwig Appeltans, Lusi Alderslowe and Greg Sommer, plus other special guest teachers.

On successful completion, the students will receive a course completion certificate recognised by the Permaculture Association Britain, which opens the gateway to become a recognised permaculture designer and is a great start of your permaculture journey!


  • Permaculture & Permaculture Design
  • Forest Gardening
  • Natural Healthy Balanced Diet
  • Wild Foraging
  • Tracking and Observation (in the garden and in the wild)
  • Bird Language
  • Soil Identification and Analysis
  • Soil Improvement
  • Micro Climates
  • Urban Permaculture
  • Practical Sessions
  • Cooking
  • Organic Pest Control
  • Some surprises and much more.

The sessions will be taught in the Permaculture Walled Garden of the Estate or in the classroom adjacent to it.

During the course, the students will be served healthy and organic food, cooked by a professional chef and stay in a room in a lodge on the Estate.

Dates & Time

Begins Sunday, 1 July at 4PM
Ends Saturday, 14 July at 4PM


Penninghame House, Dumfries and Galloway, DG8 6RD, Scotland


Sliding scale according to income: £1450 – £2500. Concessions are available. Job seekers might get serious discounts via Procserve. Please sponsor someone if you can afford it.
* A £500 refundable deposit reserves your spot.


Call Ludwig at 07760142495, or email him at info@earth-ways.co.uk.
Places are limited to 12 people and are filling up, so if you are interested don’t hesitate; book immediately. Please help spread the word by passing this invitation on to family and friends who may be interested.


These have been received from students of previous Permaculture Design Courses organised by Earth Ways:

“A great course with inspiring tutors. You cannot complete this course and not go away and change the way you live, at least in some small way. Inspiring and thought provoking.” ‐ J.K.

“Everyone on the earth should do this course. Everything it teaches is so important in ensuring we build a respectful and resilient world. I can’t wait to learn more and spread the word!” ‐ A.D.

More testimonials can be found here >>


    1. Why is the price for this course at the higher end of the scale compared to other Permaculture Design Courses?
      If you’re curious why I am so confident that this price is more than worthy of what we have to offer, please read on:

      • Teaching quality is unusually high with our expert teachers and unusual yet effective teaching methods.
      • Perfect location: our venue is the beautiful Penninghame Estate, surrounded by the beautiful Galloway forest, which gives us excellent nature observation opportunities in the bird reservation across the river, badger sets, pine martens, foxes, deer, otters, red kites and many more.
      • Our course gives you the opportunity to experience what life can be like when we are treating our body to the healthiest and most balanced diet one can design. We will also give you the tools you need to develop a healthy natural balanced diet.
      • The course will be taught on the premises of a beautiful new permaculture garden, which gives you an -on site- example of how to change an organic garden into a permaculture garden.
      • We offer volunteering opportunities before and after the course.
      • Most Permaculture Design courses offer only the 72 hours tuition required for the certificate. We also offer many more optional learning opportunities.


    1. How does the deposit and refund procedure work?

      Your place on the course is secure as soon as the £500 deposit is received by us. The full balance is required to be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course. £400 deposit will be refunded if cancelled before the first of June 2012. After June 1st we will only refund the deposit if your place can be filled. If we need to cancel the course we will refund the deposit 100%.


    1. How does the sliding scale price work?

      The cheapest price of £1450 is for students, job seekers or those who do not earn enough to pay taxes. People who earn more pay more; for those at the highest end the price rises to £2500. This is also the cost for organisations or those who can afford to help sponsor others.


  1. What do I need to do to ask for concessions?

    The people who pay higher prices will help pay for bursaries to enable people to take part who otherwise cannot afford it. The amount of bursaries depends on the number of people who pay more than the minimum price.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for a bursary, please email: info@earth-ways.co.uk. At the last course we gave bursaries to a total of £1500. Bursaries are handled with complete confidentiality. We see no reason not to apply.

The Teachers

Ludwig Appeltans

Ludwig AppeltansHelping and protecting the environment has been my passion since I was a child. I started thinking the permaculture way when I was 8. I learned that trees produce the oxygen that we breathe, so I persuaded my parents to plant an oak tree in the garden. My passion for permaculture was born, even though I didn’t know the word.

From as far back as I can remember I’ve felt a desire to be deeply connected with nature. Over the years my nature connection journey has included playing in the rain as a child, being a scout master in my late teens, organizing survival expeditions for young offenders in my twenties and living entirely off grid in a Scottish woodland for four years in a self-made shelter with a wood burning stove.

My ongoing exploration of sustainable food production systems and ways of reconnecting ourselves to our natural environment has led me to establish myself as a forest garden/permaculture designer and teacher, a Bushcraft mentor and Macrobiotic Health Coach.

Earth Ways was created by Ludwig Appeltans in 2007 in a response to a fast-growing demand worldwide for sustainable ways of living that work in collaboration with nature rather than continually fighting against it. He has many years experience of restoring natural habitats, re-introducing biodiversity, pioneering sustainable ways of growing food and harvesting bio-fuels, as well as mentoring others in bush-craft and survival skills.

Ludwig obtained his Permaculture Designer Certificate in 2009 from Patrick Whitefield, the foremost permaculture expert in Britain. Ludwig successfully completed a Permaculture Training of Teachers course organised by ‘Designed Visions’ in 2010.

Lusi Alderslowe

Lusi AldersloweAs a child I loved spending my weekends in nature, whether bumbling in woods or climbing Munros. I first conceptualised my deep love and connection to nature whilst studying Ecopsychology in an MSc at the Centre Human Ecology (CHE) in Edinburgh in 2003. I studied the Permaculture Design Course in 2005 in Kilmartin with Ed Tyler (an amazing and inspiring nature observer), and in 2006 set up an outdoor children and parents’ play-group called ‘Nurture in Nature’ which is still going strong (meeting twice a week) for my wee eco bairns, Robin and Luis.

In 2010 I completed a Permaculture Training of Teachers course with Designed Visions (where I got to know Ludwig), and in January 2011 I completed my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. I have been teaching permaculture since 2009 including in 5 PDCs. Currently self-employed, I work 2 days a week in Castlemilk (SE Glasgow) doing permaculture education with children from the local schools and nurseries through Urban Roots. I also do various teaching assignments, childminding, garden our allotment, home educate our 2 young children, oh yes and I am a board member for Permaculture Scotland, Bodhi Eco Project and South Seeds.
I specialise in urban permaculture, permaculture kids, allotments, Transition, community, the Work that Reconnects (I completed the facilitators training course in 2010), Ecovillages, human ecology, herb spirals, and generally working on the edge!

Greg Sommer

Greg SommerGreg grew up in the lush temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States. He began learning the art of tracking, nature awareness and survival skills at a young age from Jon Young and the wilderness awareness school. He went to spend a year living in the Pine Barrens in a primitive shelter at Tom Brown’s Tracker school. Greg did a degree in Wildlife Studies, was lead instructor for the Native Eyes year programme at the Regenerative Design Institute, California and continues to integrate his deep love and knowledge of the natural world with the healthy inner work and living community models.

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