We are looking for some volunteers with the usual growing, sowing, soil regeneration, garden and mulching and any other permaculture farming skills or desires to learn them…

We also have some more specialised projects on the go: Making a woodburning stove, Woodwork, Geodesic dome construction, canvas sowing, Plumbing, 12V electrical systems, cob construction.

We will always make sure that there is a fair balance between learning, work and play and if you are wwoofing, with food and accommodation.

Welding: We have designed and nearly finished a woodchip burning cooking rocket stove, where the excess heat creates charcoal in a closed chamber and that heats up water as well, for a hottub. Yes it is possible and happening.
We need someone who loves a good project and is really handy and is willing to learn. We need someone to finish this project by installing the piping for the hot water system and encasing it in cob.
Our pigs are also in need of a new shed.

12V electrical systems: We are installing a 12V system in our polytunnel. Pretty complicated, but very exciting! We need someone who is comfortable with electrics and or able to self learn enough to install it, with our help.

Woodwork: We need someone willing to build us a shed.

– We want to construct our geodesic dome. It is nearly ready, it will take a fews days of sewing the remaining of the canvas. Experience with sowing machines is helpful. Two people to do this together will help.

The amount of beds are limited, so if you are willing to stay in a tent that makes it easier to be able to come and stay with us, but we do have some spaces indoors available.