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Otter has been banned

* I, Ludwig Leòdhas Appeltans (Otter) has been removed as a member of the Permaculture Association of Britain (PAB) by the board of trustees. As such I am no longer on their registered teachers list, and no longer able to write Permaculture Design Certificates which would open my students pathway to the formal colonised version of permaculture ‘diploma’ education.

I made the mistake of demanding that the PAB would follow it’s own ethics, principles and it’s constitution of the charity and as such cooperate and not compete with it’s own teachers and not extract resources from the Highlands and Islands in the same pattern of colonisation as has been done for hundreds of years by people from south of the border. Despite everyone agreeing that it was wrong what was happening, PAB trustees refused to engage with me and I was accused of acting vexatious. The board of Trustees decided to evict me instead of meeting with me to resolve the issues.

Permaculture needs to decolonise.

The full reasons why and the full story will be explained and published in absolute minuscule details for you to verify and make up your own minds. I am writing and organising and taking my time while making sure that I am not breaking any laws when publishing what really happened.
You can find a taster here.

I am not demanding to be reinstated as I am proud to be excluded by a hypocritical organisation, such as PAB, that is claiming to be offering and preaching solutions, but does not want to follow their own words themselves.

I am proud to hence forward be calling myself and be known as 

the Banned Permaculture Teacher

* Rubha Phoil, the nature-based permaculture community designed and pioneered by Ludwig is opening up for all sorts of exciting opportunities!   It is a large undertaking! It is a really community on a gorgeous rock in the sea off Skye, but also a Virtual Village with it’s own currency and circular economy! And much more. You have to see it to believe it!
You can find our more here.

* Due to popular demand for advice, booking conversations with Otter is now automated. You can book a short free phone call on the contact page. 

Ludwig has left the £-world as much as he can and now prefers to accepts Rubha Rocks (RR) as payment for his services. You can buy RR’s on the Virtual Village or earn them by selling your own services! Once a member of the Village, it is entirely possible to have a fair exchange with Ludwig without any £’s involved. You can read more here.

* A conversation between Otter and Roadrunner about how to build a connecting culture, nature connection, and what listening to the birds has to do with… everything…
Roadrunner (Tyler) came to help us at Rubha Phoil for a few months. He made a massive contribution while here and also learned a lot. This conversation explains what and why and even also even though he had a great time here, he also explains why he returned home earlier than planned…..

* Katie Revell has made a beautiful film about the work of Ludwig. It was shown on the Scottish Mental Health festival in May 2021. You can watch the film here. Thank you Katie!

This is the exciting start of an on-line program: Nature connection with Otter.
This is the exciting start of an on-line program: Nature connection with Otter.


Ludwig is making his Nature Connection Program available for you on Rubha Phoil’s Virtual Village! Join the Early Bird price for only 20RR for 4 sessions and a life long membership and support!   Join the Virtual Village here and select the correct membership level.


Foundations of Permaculture course, 12 sessions

You can assemble your own permaculture learning journey on the Virtual Village! Once a member you can swap your own services for RR’s and buy your personal learning journey from Ludwig. You can come and stay at Rubha Phoil, get paid in RR’s for having a hands-on experience of permaculture in action and buy your personal tuition journey from an expert!