Ludwig Appeltans has included a circular economy into the design for the nature-based permaculture community he created on the Isle of Skye. If you want to hire him or learn from him, please feel free to join the Virtual Village.

Stitched PanoramaEarth Ways specialises in teaching you how and helping you to design and create your own vibrant, thriving, highly productive natural ecosystem and edible landscape. Any size of project is considered, from urban terraces and rooftops to large farms and estates. Permaculture design, forest gardening, ethical tree care, invasive species control and organic growing principles are all used to transform conventional landscapes into rich, self-regulating habitats – natural havens that nurture and sustain people and wildlife alike.

FarmOnce established, a natural ecosystem will be low in impact, maintenance and cost yet resilient, self-organising, and very adaptable. Best of all, once mature the greatest task will be gathering the abundant harvests!
Far from just an aesthetic indulgence, Earth Ways’ natural and edible landscapes are an important investment for a sustainable and self-reliant future. To be able to produce significant amounts of both one’s own food and bio-fuel is an invaluable form of insurance against the uncertain environmental, economic and social times we live in.

  • Permaculture Design, Consultancy, Courses, & Mentoring
  • Nature Connection mentoring
  • Decolonisation mentoring
  • Forest Gardening & Edible Landscapes
  • Site Survey and Analysis
  • Landscaping and Implementation
  • Permaculture Garden Maintenance and after care
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Ethical Tree Care
  • Deep Nature Connection
  • And much more to be found on our Virtual Village.
Permaculture is a forward-thinking design system based on principles found in nature. Its purpose is to create living environments that are harmonious, sustainable and productive; while at the same time greatly reducing the work and energy required to maintain them. At its core are the ethical principles of earth care, people care and fair shares.
Nature Connection mentoring is a supportive way to help you re-establish your connection to your environment, the life around you, the soil underneath your feet and the birds in the sky. Nature connection deficit is one of the most common causes of mental illness.
Decolonisation mentoring is for those people who have an itchy feeling that the life they are leading is not quite being lived entirely for their own well being. For those people who feel deep down that something is not quite right. For those people who would like to live more authentically and don’t quite know where to start.
Forest Gardening is a designed ecosystem, which replicates natural woodland. A forest garden can include as many as two or three hundred species where each plant, shrub and tree is chosen to perform multiple roles. Multiple harvests of food, medicine, fuel, fibres and natural dyes are provided as well as erosion control, soil nutrients and wildlife habitats (to name a few) in a complex web of complimentary relationships.
Edible Landscapes are a way of gardening using food producing plants for landscaping purposes, either on their own or in conjunction with ornamental plants. The aim is to create aesthetically beautiful landscapes that produce regular food harvests and are far richer in biodiversity and beneficial wildlife than more conventional gardens.
Landscaping and Implementation: If you would like some help implementing a design or carrying out some simple gardening work, we can help you realise it. We are very creative in finding cost saving, eco-friendly and innovative ways to combine beauty and functionality.
Site Survey and Analysis are the first essential steps before making any serious plans or permanent changes to your land. The way water, light, wind and temperature behave on your land has a big influence on how you can make best use of it. A good survey provides a strong groundwork and prevents mistakes being made. Every nook and cranny of your land has different characteristics and together we will look at maximising the benefits of each of them.
Ethical Tree Care is a sensitive, holistic approach to working with trees. This includes using hand tools wherever possible and looking for alternatives to felling, such as pollarding, coppicing and possible relocation to more suitable sites. When felling is strictly necessary, all felled wood is used productively – for timber, firewood, shavings or natural wildlife habitats. For every job that includes tree felling, a donation is made to the charity Trees For Life, to support the planting of native trees in the Scottish Highlands.
Invasive Species Control is necessary to readdress imbalance, and Scotland has plenty of invaders that require management. The infamous Rhododendron ponticum, New Zealand flatworm and grey squirrels are just a few examples of serious threats to the ecosystem we so depend on.
deep nature connection Deep Nature Connection is an important part of what we do. Reconnecting to nature is essential in order to understand her and find a better way to reintegrate with the natural world and become part of a sustainable ecosystem.
Ludwig Appeltans has included a circular economy into the design for the nature-based permaculture community he created on the Isle of Skye. If you want to hire him or learn from him, please feel free to join the Virtual Village.

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