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    Introduction to my unusual way of communicating with people:
    I would like to invite you step into this following practise with me. Using indigenous cultural elements, I have designed a simple practise that allows everyone to be heard and gives everyone the space to say what they want to say.
    It is really simple:

    – Before the meeting officially starts, we shake off the road dust. Quick check-in, practical issues first. What needs to be said before we are ready to fully listen and focus?

    – Then together, one by one, we fill our hearts with gratitude.

    – Then the actual meeting starts, during which we listen to each other in turn and we use our best words. We use a heart stone or other sacred object to make it clear who’s turn it is to listen. In on-line meetings, we listen to the other until the other verbalises that they are done talking.

    You can read it in detail here: https://www.heart2heart

    I am happy to explain it to you at the beginning of the meeting. Please allow me start our meeting doing this.

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    Armadale Pier, Ardvasar, Isle of Skye, IV45 8RS, Scotland, UK

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