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Messages of trust and support

from previous students, volunteers, co-workers, clients and professional connections.

The two weeks that I’ve been at Ludwig’s place were really nice. Although it was very wet we’ve been a lot outside and it is an amazing place to be. I’ve enjoyed the work out there but also the silence and of course the nature. Ludwig is a great teacher and learned me to observe nature and some permaculture techniques. He stood always open for new ideas and shared his love for his project. I would really recommend this place and I can’t wait to go back!

I’ve worked at Ludwig’s place for two weeks and I’m very glad I’ve got to see and experience the way of living at Rubha Phoil. Together with the help of volunteers, Ludwig is giving this place all the attention and care it needs. And slowly but certainly it’s turning into a paradise.

I stayed With Ludwig Appeltans at Rubha Phoil for a few weeks. I want to thank him because it was such a good time. It was the 8th or 9th time I visited. As always it was very special. I have seen most of Scotland thanks to him. Now he lives in Armadale on the Pier, but Skye is something quite special
Every year his projects have grown and better, with more people involved and more on the path towards real permaculture. Now he is starting a new chapter.
The volunteers are more and more international with more divers languages and singing songs around the fire is more fun.
This is how I get to know other cultures and taste exotic dishes.
The atmosphere is one of :”Where one quietly and freely help one another.” (sounds better in Dutch from which this testimony has been translated.)
Nature is unbelievably beautiful. The garden of Skye!
Sometimes the work is hard, but after successful completion of every challenge I reward myself with a visit to the ferry, where stories of adventures roll from the ramp.
The most special about camping there is that you can make a fire on top of a cliff. Where can you find that?
For this project he needs help from more people.
Count me in! See you soon.
Romain Gaethofs

“Ludwig’s innate connection to nature and his devoted development of his ability to teach others is an inspiration. Not just as a teacher to others, but as a marvellous mentor to myself and other ecologists who wish to become better teachers. He has revolutionised my way of teaching, opening my eyes to;mindful mentoring and allowing me to become an informative teacher to my students, guiding them to, rather than showing them, the marvels of nature. It’s always better when you figure it out yourself!
His vision, passion and unwavering honesty offers us a way forward in troubled times. If we could all learn from each other in the way Ludwig so humbly shows us, the ways of earth and our connections with nature could be a practical realisation of permaculture harmony. This has been a long journey for Ludwig, and this project represents the fruition of many years of dedication to an ambitious vision. I am blessed to have met Ludwig and will continue to support his work however I can. ”
Megan Cox, Ecologist

I’ve known Ludwig for around six years now, mainly as a friend. I’ve seen in him over this time, in many and various ways, an overarching characteristic of Integrity and honesty ~ clearly demonstrated through the steadfast dedication and hard work embodied in all his outward achievements so far.

As a Designer/maker, I also recognise in him a kind, quiet intensity ~ along with an attentiveness to detail and a willingness to listen and watch carefully, with both humour and perspicacity. Certainly one of the more trustworthy souls amongst us!…
Nigel J Hilton

‘Ludwig Appeltans is a pioneer of soil care and renewal. His work is so important not only for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland but also for our world.
I’ve been particularly impressed by the rainwater harvesting system he developed for polytunnels and his skill in growing food in difficult conditions.’
Chris Johnstone, co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Active Hope.

I have been acquainted with Ludwig’s work for the last ten years and can happily attest to his passion, commitment and understanding in the diverse world of Permaculture. I am aware of his long standing desire to establish a purpose built centre to spread the sustainability message, and as a retreat centre owner myself, I can fully understand the desire and indeed the necessity to own a suitable piece land which will allow such a development to take root and flourish. There is a real paucity of such places, development of this venture can only be to the common good and Ludwig is well skilled and motivated to achieve it.
Alastair Cunningham
Anam Cara Retreat Centre

I have known Ludwig Appeltans both in a personal and professional capacity the past 10
In a personal capacity I know him to be kind, caring, supportive, a loyal friend, a deep
listener, both a person with big visions and the patience, determination, focus, staying-
power and physical ability to make them happen. He is also very conscientious,
considerate, spiritual as well as practical and cares deeply about the world we live in.
In a professional capacity I have seem him accomplish many things that are
‘extraordinary’, as in out of the ordinary and using the many qualities I have mentioned
above, has gone on to become one of the most highly respected and appreciated
permaculture teachers and leaders in the UK. This is no small feat. I continually read
and hear feedback about his skills in permaculture and in inspiring and empowering
others in service to positive change on our planet. I believe he is indeed an inspiration to many. Certainly that is true for me.
From what I know about Ludwig’s project and big vision on his land on the Isle of Skye, I
have absolutely no doubt that he has what it takes to bring his vision alive in the best
possible way, not only for himself but for all beings, human and all others. I am excited
by all that is possible and how it can serve the highest and most positive good for all
Amanda Cruise
Personal Transformation Coach

Ludwig Appeltans is an indefatigable project manager and permaculture teacher and practitioner. His many skills that enable him to create thriving projects. He is generous and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a worthy candidate to set up a land-based education centre.
Maddy Harland, Editor, Co-Founder

Permaculture Magazine | Permanent Publications
Author of Fertile Edges – regenerating land, culture and hope

One of the most useful and fulfilling things I have learned from Ludwig are tools to teach myself to grow in awareness of my environment and be more receptive to the endless knowledge and information, mystery and beauty in nature. The dedication and humility he devotes to this skill and to his work I find very inspiring.

”I can not think of anyone more deserving than Ludwig in realizing his life long dream, to which he has been dedicated to for as long as I have known him. Ludwig is a fount of knowledge and a natural teacher, who supports people in their learning journey to create a better, more sustainable world to live in. He is a hard worker and I look forward to his centre on Skye growing in strength and becoming a place where others will also benefit from too.”
Heather Craig, Argyll

“Ludwig and I go back many years and I have seen his passion for permaculture and the care of the land grow stronger. When we have worked together in business I could put my trust whole-heartedly in his reliability, passion and determination to allow the project to run smoothly. Ludwig took a chance with me many years ago when I was starting out to be the head macrobiotic chef for one of his diploma courses and he did everything he said he was going to do to make it happen. His focus is always on putting the health of the land, plants and animals first and to give people the space to learn about how they can use this knowledge. I always turn to Ludwig for advice relating to his expertise in permaculture. This is an exciting project and Ludwig is the one to make it happen.”
Georgina – owner of Macrobiotic Shop

“Ludwig carries an exceptional integrity and I have seen this over and over again as his friend and neighbour. I have witnessed his vision and groundwork rooted in so many deep qualities – determination, generosity, true humility and much good humour…a beautiful soul”.
Rosie Balyuzi

Many years ago, Ludwig Appeltans studied with us and graduated as a MACROVegan Health Coach. By adopting the ethics and applying these principles in his daily life along with his teachings on Permaculture, it strengthened his vision and mission by adding another dimension to his creative workshops. Ludwig teaches how we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds skills and resilience at home and in our local communities that will help us prepare for an uncertain future with less available energy. We wish Ludwig huge and well deserved success with his project and dream to build a permaculture community. Food is our future and permaculture is the future.
Marlene Watson-Tara
International Author/Teacher/Health Counsellor

“I’ve known Ludwig for almost ten years now, and have always been impressed by his passion, his caring and his integrity. I would, quite literally, trust Ludwig with my life, and am already considering personally investing my own funds in this project, and have no doubts that any loan will be dealt with honourably.

I love the work that Ludwig has done. I watched in awe as he turned a patch of fairly bland, and unexciting land near Forres into a rich, fertile plot which not only fed those living on the land and nearby but also provided amazing vegetables and eggs for those of us southerners lucky enough to be able to visit there. The changes he made to the soil structure and the levels of soil life in only three years speak for themselves. If that was all he was doing, at least! I only know of a fraction of his teaching and training work, but have heard such amazing things from everyone I know who has been to any one of his trainings. And his raising of awareness amongst all those who he interacts with are invaluable.

Ludwig has always been passionate about the land, and about making practical shifts in the world in general. I’ve seldom seen dedication like his, and he always inspires in me a sense that the world can and will get to be a good place.

It was for these reasons that, when I ran Scotland’s first Festival of Consciousness in 2015, I was so keen that Ludwig present the opening workshop on Permaculture, as I believe that we need to get more reconnected to the land and to the food we grow from that land.

Investing in this programme is not simply a financial investment, but it feels like an investment in our future. And I don’t believe I am being overly dramatic in this statement. Having seen what Ludwig achieved in such a short space of time in a fairly small land area, with no certainty of continuation, I can only imagine what will be possible for his work now and in these vastly improved circumstances”
Gillian Alexander
Sacred Touch – * Reclaim, reconnect and remember…supported with tender loving touch *

Ludwig has dedicated his life to connecting to nature in a radical nature based lifestyle that is an inspiration.
His sensitivity to nature and ability to hear her voice is an inspiration to us all. Working on the land with this level of communication with plants, soil and animals is what permaculture is all about. I wish you well Ludwig.
I admire your dedication and commitment to save life on this planet. You have my wholehearted support.

I have had the privilege of being taught by Ludwig on a permaculture 3 day weekend in the North East of Scotland in 2012. I admire his courage, tenacity and perseverance in pursuing this work that educates and restores the human relationship to the environment through slowing down our fast paced lives, growing and cultivating awareness in best practices when it comes to our food production and connection with nature. When we are done destroying the natural world in pursuit of money, it is the way of being promoted by Permaculture, the dreams and actions of people like Ludwig that will count.
Ludwig’s determination, passion and action to date are evidence enough to prove he is dedicated and trust worthy of continuing this work on behalf of all and I would encourage anyone to consider the furthering of this work whether by financially backing it or attending Ludwig’s high quality and considered training.
Deirdre Ryan- Glass

Ludwig has been a very welcome friend to our family and an inspiration to us both for over five years. His expansive knowledge and passion for life and harmony in both personal and environmental realms are informative and inspiring. We fully believe in Ludwig’s projects and would encourage everyone to support his creation and gift in any way they can.
Bruce and Carol Torrance, Scotland

“It’s rare to meet someone as dedicated and committed to permaculture as Ludwig. He is refreshingly radical and his integrity is commendable. I would be confident that any project he carried out would be run to the highest and most ethical standard. As a group leader and a teacher of permaculture, I would highly recommend him”
Kim Siu, Get Rugged founder and development manager

Ludwig Appeltans is one of the most honourable, principled and knowledgeable people I know.

What he is creating at Rubha Phoil will be a world-class centre of learning not just for permaculture, but a living example of how the world can be.
This is not only a fantastic opportunity to make something truly exceptional and a lasting resource – but we need this. We all need this.
Rubha Phoil will not be just another permaculture centre – it will be the place to go. It will be a place of nurture and enablement, of innovation and practical experience.

Ludwig’s vision is ambitious but it is wholly achievable and I am confident he is one of the few people I know who can make this happen.

The world desperately needs places like Rubha Phoil – and people like Ludwig.
Grant Pirnie

Highland resilience

I’ve known Ludwig for about five years. I first met Ludwig when I discovered a shared interest in Permaculture. Since then I have been supporting Ludwig by helping him to find land to develop his projects. My interest in Permaculture is theoretical. Ludwig’s is very practical and real. He has an unwavering commitment, which is essential for being successful as a pioneer. He also has enormous practical knowledge and experience. His new land in Skype presents a major breakthrough. It would be good for all of us if we were able to help him to realize his vision. We need people like Ludwig. I am very grateful for his work.
Michael Wolff, Lochussie, Ross-shire.

Thanks for producing the drawings and permaculture recommendations for our plot here in Roseisle so promptly.

We are very pleased and excited with our permaculture design that you created for us as it covers the complete brief that we discussed over the three visits to our plot.

You have really inspired us with confidence and trust with your natural approach, thoroughness, and practicality including your initial recommendation for us to sit and listen to the needs of the garden.

The explanation of the garden layout is very clear and we look forward to implementing your proposed plans over the next couple of years.

We wish you well with Earth Ways in the future and we would happily recommend your permaculture design service to others.

Les Huyton Roseisle Moray 2015

I have seldom met a more honest, warm, hard-working and genuine person! Ludwig has supported me in countless different ways over the past years and I have been constantly amazed by how big his heart is. As well as one of my dearest friends, he is very skilled and passionate in what he does. He teaches permaculture by embodying its values, with a love that is almost tangible if you are lucky enough to become one of his students. I have never seen him breaking a promise or being dishonest. He is the kind of person that sticks with his own principles and dreams and keeps his back straight and a smile on his face no matter what comes his way.
Suzanne, Scotland

The universal principles of permaculture is something to aspire to which Ludwig achieves with gusto. I find Ludwig to be morally sound and true to his word to the point of being dogmatic in his vision of a Educational Community Permaculture Oasis. The fact that he has gotten a far as he has in his project proves my point I think. If he says he is going to do something that will bring his dream a step closer to reality then I believe he will do it 100,000%.
Justin Thacker, Moray

“I have known Ludwig for a number of years having first
met him on a Permaculture Design Course ran by Patrick Whitefield. He is a chap that channels honesty and truth and has a vast array of talents spanning many disciplines. I have always found him to be dependable and straight-talking. You know where you stand
with Lud. Working with Ludwig for a season in Forres turned out to be the catalyst for me and my wife meeting. We now have a little boy and are starting our own Permaculture adventure in the Outer Hebrides. I’ve no doubt that this is all thanks in part to
Ludwig’s warmth and support.”

“I’ve known Ludwig now for 5 years and have enjoyed working with him on several projects, including one which sought to build a model for a sustainable economy. He is a man of integrity and the most experienced Permaculture practitioner I know. He is also one of those rare individuals who has the creative imagination and the energy and practical know-how to turn a big vision into a working reality. He has inspired many people -myself included- who have then applied the principles and skills they have learned from him to their own start-up sustainable projects. Our future depends on virtuous cycles of seeding new thinking and action such as this, and thus I have always supported his initiatives whenever I am able.”
Jamie McKenzie Hamilton, Kinlochard, Stirlingshire.

I have known Ludwig for some years now and I really support his work and vision of creating a better world through permaculture. He is very sincere and dedicated to this work and he has a very deep understanding and knowledge of nature. We need people with these skills and with his ability to inspire and to teach other people about this. I really wish that the project on Skye will flourish.

Monica Josefine Hjelle, massage therapist, Bergen, Norway

I met Ludwig a few years ago when we were both on an Art Of Mentoring week long nature immersion course, Ludwig was a strong and positive individual who held nature connection close to his heart and who fully participated in the course.

Recently I learned that Ludwig had moved to Skye and was setting up home at Rubha Phoil so I had time to myself in the summer and planned a work visit.

I was warmly welcomed onto Ludwig’s land, he gave me a personal tour and found a peaceful site for me to set up my tent. Ludwig is a very knowledgeable guy about nature and the land and how to tread gently on it, preserving the local wildlife and helping to maintain biodiversity. I spent the next few days soaking up the experience of being at Rubha Phoil, along with some other helpers. We weeded some of the vegi patches, and helped with some of the daily jobs around the site, communal cooking and eating together, sharing stories , sharing our knowledge of the land and observing the beautiful nature .

I hope to return many more times to Rubha Phoil , it will be wonderful to watch the development of the project and hopefully participate when I can to helping Ludwig bring his vision of a permaculture show case community into reality. I know Ludwig has the integrity, drive and commitment that is needed to bring this vision forward and make Rubha Phoil an inspiration to other who are on a similar path.

thanks you again for sharing your home, garden and way of life with myself, it has enriched my experience and is warming to know that there are such beautiful place’s of sanctuary tucked away and thriving.
In gratitude Carmen

‘Ludwig struck me as someone who cares deeply about how we as humans have an impact on the world around us, he has also shown a real affinity for nature and the connection to the wider environment; the farm he ran in Forres was testament to his dedication in delivering permaculture principles in practice.’
John Weaver

He was a fellow with a piercing stare. I recognised it. The eyes of wild people are always brighter. Sharper. Uncompromising.
Atulya K Bingham wrote this blog post, after a visit to Rubha Phoil.
She is a Author and Natural Builder. Books: Ayse’s Trail (OBBL winner 2014) Mud Ball and Mud Mountain.

Other testimonials

My journey was good but a little cold and wet through the Highlands. When I arrived I stopped for a bit and sat on the bank of a small river and very soon a Heron flew in to hunt, followed by chaffinches then a Grey Wagtail House Martins and some birds a bit like bullfinches, they were all catching Mayflies which were just emerging. Some mallards were there as well. Suddenly a panic alarm call by a chaffinch which flew up from a rock in the river and dived into a tree and there flying upstream fast and low came a Sparrowhawk! Also saw Blackbird crows and pigeons. At night there are curlews calling. Funny thing was while I was sitting a group of 3 walkers came past and all the birds except the ducks disappeared and only came out when they had gone. Without my time with you I would have missed all this, thank you so much for reconnecting me with the natural world.

Testimonies from 2-month PDC students

It doesn’t become any more permaculture than this! Ludwig Appeltans has a unique way of combining in depth nature connection and awareness with permaculture design. These two months at Earth-Way Farm have been quite mind-changing and a wonderful way of thinking outside of the normal “box”. Ludwig has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and, glad to say, friend. Thank you.
Patrick Maginnis

If you want to experience permaculture and nature connection on a long term basis, so you can really make it your own, this is the place to be.

When I think back to what I knew before and compare it to now, the change is quite astounding. If you’d asked me 3 months ago to create a vegetable routine I would have laughed, but I’ve just created my first reasonably comprehensive one that I feel would have some good success in reality.
This course is a must for anyone who wishes to feel empowered to actually live in a way that is more authentic. Food is a big part of this, as is nature connection, after doing this course, one is able to design and produce food systems, beautiful connections with community, self and others, while keeping ‘nature’ mother earth as the highest priority. Of course it is an ongoing learning journey and for me it feels, the journey has just begun.

Rather than emerging myself into books and papers, I emerged myself into nature. You can learn so much through simply observing and being aware. I can recommend it to anybody that loves combining practical permaculture with background knowledge. Be prepared to be a different person afterwards.

“Definitely it was inspiring. We (society) need to wake up to what modern society has done to the world and change it for true benefit of future generations. Home grown (or community grown!), healthy food should not be luxury that only the rich can afford- it should be accessible to all.”
Naomi, Dunnet, Caithness

The two months gave me space to absorb all the information through practise on the farm, reading in the library and sitting room and asking Ludwig and my fellow students loads of questions. I think it is great if you want to have a good experience of life in beautiful Scotland. Learn shitloads about permaculture and everything else. Get a sense of the challenges we have on this earth and have fun.
Sauly B

“It brings you more in contact with yourself, with others and with native and the rich environment which that is all around . It reinforces how important our actions are in all the world and how we should respect it.”

Excellent presentation by course participants. Longer, participative course def enhances the learning opportunities
Ian Findley @crossgreenman Permaculture designer

From the two week Permaculture Design Courses

“A great course with inspiring tutors. You cannot complete this course and not go away and change the way you live, at least in some small way. Inspiring and thought provoking.” ‐ J.K.

“Everyone on the earth should do this course. Everything it teaches is so important in ensuring we build a respectful and resilient world. I can’t wait to learn more and spread the word!”

“Ludwig is able to communicate his love for our planet. He is an exceptionally inspiring auld chap.” ‐ Ben, Kirriemuir

Beyond my expectations. As well as the factual knowledge, my soul feels like it’s been touched deeply.  Jonny Harris

I really feel a deeper connection to myself and nature as well as a much better understanding of permaculture and the mindset of permaculture. Jayson Byles

Inspiring, enriching, informative and fun. It gave me the tools and inspiration to practise permaculture in daily life.  D.P. Forres

The course is wholesome and well balanced. All topics are inspiring and lead not only to healing of mother nature but also to healing of all people involved. Thank you much for your love and dedication. Love and Light Christine

It took permaculture into fullness, affecting me on emotional level deeply. Amy

Ludwig: Great inspiration and wealth of teachings.

It’s way more than a Design course. It’s an opportunity to fly with Buzzards view to see yourself part of the whole to be nourished, challenged and connected on many levels. Amy

I thoroughly enjoyed such a holistic course, the passion and knowledge is astounding and the close-knit community we created in such a short time makes this course stand out, and was an experience I will never forget. Stephanie Ayres

From Penninghame

“I’ve been volunteering at Penninghame permaculture project since mid Marts (end of May now), and I’m really enjoying my time here, and learning a lot!
I came with an expectation of learning what Permaculture is all about, and after a couple of months here, I don’t think I could have found a better place. (Thanks Ludwig!)
At the same time I’ve learnt about macrobiotic food and how important a healthy diet is, and I’ve meet some amazing and really inspiring people.
I will recommend all people with an interest in food, health and nature-connection to be a part of this place. You’ll get an idea of a healthy way of growing your food, healthy for you, the earth and the environment, and an idea of how to make that food into the perfect diet. And at the same time you won’t be able to not get a deeper connection with nature.” ‐ Jeannie Olsen, Denmark

“I have been at Penninghame estate since February 2012 on the Permaculture project run by Mr. Ludwig Appeltans, it has been a life-changing experience, now this phrase is much over-used, but for me there is no other way of describing it. It has completely changed how I look at Gardening, in a way that cares for the earth, the very soil we so often neglect and disregard. My time here has fundamentally changed how I view our role on the planet, and enlightened me to the lessons in which nature itself can teach us. I feel the knowledge I gain here will benefit the rest of my life and I am privileged to have been giving the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. I am sure many others before and after I will have a similar experience.” ‐ G.W.S.Clark, Aberdeen

From a 3 Day Course

“Ludwig led a beautiful group with sensitivity and depth.”

“Consistent, methodical and passionate about his subject.”

“I really enjoyed the flow and rhythm between doing / listening / play.”

“Ludwig is very touching – soft, with a lot of knowledge yet very humble.”

“Very knowledgeable and passionate, approachable and non-judgemental.”

“A very shared learning experience, valuing participants’ prior knowledge, very interactive with games and a balance between indoor and outdoor learning. Had the opportunity to apply learning with practical tasks & creating our own permaculture design – with support from the group. Very enjoyable!” ‐ Deirdre, Forres

“Feel very inspired by our weekend together – have been touched and had insights / wee transformations in unexpected areas… thank you each for your part in it.” ‐ Bettina, Findhorn

“I really appreciated the clarity, competence and commitment.” ‐ T. Sibilia, Forres

“The Earth Ways Permaculture course was accessible enough for me to understand as a relative beginner and deep enough to engage my inspiration, curiosity and creativity.”

Other feedback

“Every so often in life you stumble across a little gem – and this is one! Since I discovered his site, Ludwig has guided me in my efforts to plant my newly acquired garden with native species of plants designed to flourish in their particular environment. His knowledge of plants is extensive, detailed and willingly shared and nothing is too much trouble for him. His passion and concern for the environment is evident in everything he does, from his work in his own piece of woodland – which you can read about on his website – to the care he takes in packaging his plants. All the plants I have bought from Ludwig have been vigorous and healthy and I can recommend him thoroughly. Like me, you will not be disappointed!” ‐ Christine W, Norfolk

“Earlier this year I attended a Permaculture Introduction on the Island of Bute just off the west coast of Scotland. I was blown away by what I had learned and am really looking forward to learning more. This is obviously what we need to be doing in order to restore our planet, Ludwig is an amazing person with so much knowledge, this man knows his stuff. Some people strive to look the best to impress others, I strive to show others we can all be better. It’s time for change.” ‐ Nick

“Very efficient and professional report. Was clearly laid out with achievable objectives and will definitely be using the services of Earth Ways again.” ‐ S. Angus, Forres

“This is my second year of dealing with Ludwig. It will certainly not be my last year. I like the fact that what I acquire gets reinvested in environmental projects. He is a very ethical plantsman and a pleasure to deal with. Every plant I get is well packaged in natural materials. It is also a wise idea to plant native plants in your garden and have trees in your garden, there is nothing like shade and woodland setting. It’s great for birds, insects and the environment as their habitats are being lost. Although I am guilty of planting lots of non-native species, I am trying to redress the balance.” ‐ Mohammed A, Birmingham

“I loved your innovative packaging, the plants were quite happy wrapped in the moss inside the bottle. I gave them some TLC and visitors to the community orchard were able to pot them on & take them home. Thanks for your help. I’ll recommend you to colleagues if they need native plants.” ‐ Jo, Manchester

“Many thanks for marigolds which arrived safe. I was not here when they arrived and my wife was mesmerised at the package which arrived, though she did remove the top and added some water. When I got home next day a marigold head had already popped out of the neck – see photo. With more people like yourself there would be no global warming!” ‐ Brian

“Ludwig was a very pleasant and courteous guest. After making a thorough assessment and lots of observations, he gave me very well thought out and useful written advice, with really good links to the internet for extra detail. I feel very much more confident about going ahead with my project now than I did before his visit, especially knowing that I can call on his wide experience and knowledge, as it is needed. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone who needs advice on permaculture, forest gardening or general woodland management from enlisting Ludwig to give them very comprehensive assistance.” ‐ Susan Maxwell, Kintyre


Rubha Phoil, the home and project by Earth Ways also has lots of reviews here.