Rubha Phoil is already an abundant place. We are working on a permaculture design to increase that and we want to share it with other people. The design is emerging slowly but surely. We’re getting more excited every day 🙂

The intention is to calculate how many people the land can sustain and find people of all ages and skills to join, to create a warm community where people live, love and create together.

We are looking for permanent members who are able to buy their own building plot and build their own home but also members who can build their own home without buying land or rent a home we build as a community, or want to come and work for their bed and food (volunteer)

Do you want to register your interest to become a short, long term or permanent member? Do you want to apply to join in? Please fill in this questionnaire. No questions are mandatory to answer. All information is handled with utmost respect for you and your privacy and will not be seen by anyone other than me: Ludwig and at a later stage the new members of the community and the beautiful people that are in my advisory team. You are also welcome to deliver the answers in a different way.

If you want to share more sensitive information in person or over the phone, that is welcome too! Please make sure to give us your name and email or phone number so that we can contact you.

Please know that skills and experience and personality are more relevant than money.

If you speak Scots Gaelic and are on the local housing waiting list, you get extra brownie points.

This community building and getting to know each other is likely to be a slow process. If you are not ready to join right  now, but might be in the future, please do still fill in the form.

Click on this link to get a .doc version you can save and edit.

You can email the form and a picture to me via info at

You can see the questions here: