Thank you for wanting to visit Rubha Phoil or Earth Ways

Please note that Rubha Phoil is closed for business.

Visits are possible by appointment only

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This is the old text from before the pandemic. You can have a look if you are curious.
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Rubha Phoil looks deliciously green in the spring sun
Rubha Phoil looks deliciously green in the spring sun

Our Cabin:

Our cabin can sleep up to 5 people.
A night in our cabin is £40-45 for one person. £10 per person extra. Children under 8 are free. You’ll have the whole cabin to yourselves.
Your stay is self-catered and we prefer if you can bring your own bedding. If that is a problem, we can help. We have a little kitchen with a gas hob available for you.
The cabin has electric heating, a fridge, a toaster and a kettle.
You can make an outside fire. You are welcome to bring untreated wood or charcoal or buy some from us.
Sorry, no dogs, hen or stag parties or drones on our site.
You are welcome to contact us to ask any questions: by phone 00447393830403 or email or book online here.
You can read the ‘rules’ of the land and the terms and conditions for the bookings here

Other ways to visit

– Use our campsite, you can check availability here.

– If you want to visit or have a chat, please make an appointment here. So that we can make sure we are available for you. If you are willing to ‘bring a spade’, that makes it much easier. (read more about this at the bottom of the page.)

– If you want to volunteer, look here

More information on the ‘bring a spade’ principle:
If you’d like to have a chat with us or ask us questions:

We are a very popular destination. Our positive reputation is spreading. More and more people are interested in our permaculture community and seeing permaculture in action can be very inspiring.

So we understand that you are interested and we want to accommodate your interest if we can.

Earth Ways is still a young permaculture community at this new location. This project started in November 2016. In permaculture, most of the work is done in the setting up phase. As you can imagine, we are very busy. We can’t yet afford to take out much time to give people tours.

raised bed making
Helping out in a fair exchange

What can work for us:

We like working on the principle, that we permaculturists call: bring a spade. We have enough spades, but it gives an indication of what we propose: We ask from people that they spend 2x the amount of time that we spend giving a tour, helping us out. Not because our time is more valuable than yours. But because we have to spend time explaining the tasks. We want to try to have the same amount of work done at the end of the day plus have you visiting the community and chat with us. This is a way that can make that possible.

-Or come and see the project on one of our volunteer days. If you would like that, let us know, We’ll make sure that you get invited for the next one. We are more than happy to show people around on those days and answer any questions in return for some help on the farm.

– If you want to spend more time on the project, that is possible too. Have a look here to read about volunteering at our project.

– If you have little time or if your visit is for work purposes, we do accept payment in money too. Enough to pay someone to do the work that I was unable to do while giving you a tour is enough.

We are happy to listen to suggestions for another way of a fair exchange too.

Planting Strawberry plants
Planting Strawberry plants

We hope that you feel that this would be a fair exchange.

One of the permaculture ethics after all is fair share.

Let us know what you think.